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bright eye brewing

our bright vision

What is BrightEye Brewing? It is a small tasting room, with fresh, ever-changing variety of innovative beers served right from the tanks they were made in.

BrightEye Brewing is a new generation of brewery. Using the lessons learned from the last wave of massively successful craft breweries.

Variety, Innovation and Community are the cornerstones of the Craft Beer movement.

BrightEye brews small batches and splits them into different flavor profiles. For example, when Oregon Grapes are in season, we might forage some to flavor one batch of Hefeweizen, but then flavor the other batch hops to make it a ‘White IPA’. This allows us to diversify our offerings and use this flexibility as our own Research and Development program. Popular recipes are expected to grow and change with tastes, experimentation and seasons. 

Our brewery & tasting room are focused on our community in North Kamloops.


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